Kanonnenflees | Cannon fodder, 2008

Scenography for the play Kanonnenflees
February 2008
ITW (International Theatre Workshop), NDSN- Werf, Amsterdam
Text: Willem de Vlaam and Tom Helmer
Director: Joachim Robbrecht
Acting: Vincent Rietveld, Annelien van Binsbergen

The Play Kanonnenflees (cannon fodder) is about two artists in the context of our time. The first part deals with their ideals, aims and doubts. In the second part, the focus is shifted onto confrontations and conflicts in their personal life.

At the beginning of the play, all elements of the decor are hanging on ropes and reels from the ceiling, at the height of 2.5 meters above the scene. They are arranged in a compact square thus establishing a second level above the stage. Alternately, if seen from below, they form a kind of roof. The area beneath it is nearly empty and gives the impression of a gallery or a studio space. During the play, the hanging objects are brought down one by one by the action of the performers. The floating platform (a representation of the artist’s ideal world) is slowly falling apart and the objects then create a domestic surrounding on stage. At the end of the play, as the male part makes the decision against a common future for him and his partner, he brings all the elements back to their original location.

The audience is seated on two sides of the stage and on a gallery above it, so that the play can be perceived from different points of view.