Door Opening Range, 2015/2016

Object, 85x85x205cm
Material: front door, wood, plaster, concrete

The opening range of a door is depicted in architectural plans as a quarter of a circle. The space within that quadrant cannot be used as living area and it’s impossible to place pieces of furniture there.

The work Door Opening Range is the transfer from the two-dimensional ground plan to a tree-dimensional space that consists of the volume indicated in the plan. The air trapped in the space regulates the speed by which the door can be opened. High pressure slows the movement down and this resistance can be felt. The air escapes through the widening gap and is blown toward the one standing in front of the door.
When the door is opened, the space behind it gets smaller and seams to disappear in the back wall. One can enter the room-like space, but it is not possible to close the door behind oneself – thus the space is withheld from the spectator.