Fixateur Externe, 2017

Objects, dimensions variable
Bench, two chairs, wood, sandbag

Broken pieces of furniture - an unstable, slanted bench and two rocky chairs, one with a missing back, the other without a seating surface - provided the points of departure for the objects entitled Fixature Exterieure.
I repaired the furniture. Instead of restoring their original form and replacing the missing pieces, I froze them, securing their current conditions. To achieve this, I used various strategies such as supporting, extending and embedding the furniture. I found sculptural solutions around the objects: a construction made of wooden slats and a sandbag holds the bench in its askew position while wooden structures extend, frame and stabilize the two chairs.

Fixateur Externe was created for the project Off/Line: What can Art do for Zemo Nikosi?, Zemo Nikozi, Georgia.