Für Filomena | For Filomena, 2009

Installation (Galerie Brigitte Weiss, Zürich)
Material: table, two chairs, small chest, chipboard, books, wine glasses, wastepaper basket, pottet plant, framed image, wood slats, wooden wedge, cord

The visitor enters a furnished room where the pieces of furniture are elevated and don’t touch the floor. A construction made of wood slats installed between the ceiling and the walls lifts the furniture from the floor and thus makes the individual pieces imperatively dependent on one another.
The room’s architecture and the law of gravity determine the installation.
Due to its weight, the pile of books for instance stabilizes in upward direction the shelf and in downward direction the small chest. The removal of only a single book would inevitably bring the entire construction down.
The installation is dedicated to Filomena, the gallery’s cleaning lady and thus the work refers to the daily challenge of cleaning exhibition spaces.