In diesem Sinne | In this sense, 2011

Projection inside a revolvable chalet
330x330x250 cm
Material: wood, metal, rope, leather, lens, macro lens, slide, sunlight

Before entering, the visitor brings the chalet into line with the position of the sun. The rotation of the chalet, which is thus caused, is
transferred on to a movable hatch in the roof containing multiple lenses and one slide. Once the house is positioned in the right way, the sunlight falls
through the lenses and the slide and projects an image – that of the moon – into the house.

Image 1: Position of the house at 4:30 pm
Image 2: Indicator on the outside wall for the positioning of the chalet. For the projection inside the house to become visible to the visitor, the shadow of the screw must be aligned with the vertical line marked on the wall.
Image 3: Projection inside the house
Image 4: mechanical system

Môtiers 2011 – Art en plein air, Val de Travers