Szene 317 (Malina) | Scene 317 (Malina), 2012

Video projection, 1‘05‘‘, without sound

The video projection Szene 317 (Malina) shows an animation based on one pagefrom the novel „Malina“ by Ingeborg Bachmann.
One paragraph is covered with pencil strokes. Some words are left blank and the paragraph is bordered with a double line, interrupted at tree positions. Thus, a floor plan of a furnished interior space is constituted. Throughout the animation, more words become visible. The space is specified („Sacher“,“Speisesaal“/dining room), four characters appear on the setting and perform movements in the space. These characters are: „Ober“ (waiter), „ich“ (female narrator of the novel), Malina (male Alter Ego of the narrator) and Alda (a noninvolved character of the scene).
The work is thus a mis-en-scène of the text, using the words of the page in the book and their location on the page.