Der Held erscheint am Horizont und reitet der Kamera entgegen | The Hero appears on the Horizon, riding towards the Camera, 2011

Object, 22.7 x 30.3 x 3.3 cm
Material: book (Winnetou III by Karl May), wood, glass

Rectangular cutouts in the book ‚Winnetou III‘ allow us to see the words on preceding pages, and they become gradually deeper as we move from lower to upper margin. The word „sun“ („Sonne“) for example is visible through the deepest of these cutouts. The open book stands for the camera angle characteristic for films. The words are signposts on the protagonist‘s way through the landscape‘s topography, or book, respectively. As he advances, the outlines become more defined and his identity is finally revealed: dot – body – horse – rider – warrior – Winnetou („Punkt“ - „Körper“ - „Pferd“ - „Reiter“ - „Krieger“ - „Winnetou“).