Die Sonne war nicht Zeuge | The sun was no witness, 2012

The sun was no witness (Vehicle)
Object, 380 x 160 x 102 cm
Material: bicicle, aluminium, 2 front lights, 2 back lights, batteries, car plate

The sun was no witness
Video projection
4’ 20’’, with sound

This work consists of two parts: an object and a video. The object is a bicycle with extensions mounted on all sides in such a way that the bicycle claims the space normally occupied by a car. In the video, the vehicle moves down a road almost without a sound. Two headlights, two backlights and a lit license plate serve as minimal corner marks producing the effect of a car simulacrum.
The video is inspired by the opening sequence of the David Lynch movie Mulholland Drive; the opening theme of the same name accompanies the video.