Verschwindung, 2015

Installation, dimension variable
Material: Fragment of the sculpture Inv.-Nr. 82 I («African») by Hermann Haller, plaster, porcelain, working material

I created this work when working in and as a reaction to the Atelier Hermann Haller. The museum houses the entire artistic estate of the late figurative sculptor Hermann Haller.
It’s an installation of repeatedly produced replicas of a pair of feet - a fragment from a sculpture by Hermann Haller. The replicas are made from porcelain, a material with a coefficient of contraction of about 13 percent. This means that each newly produced form is smaller than the one before. Casting is carried out while the exhibition is running until - due to the diminishing size – it is not possible to produce yet a smaller cast. This work constitutes the attempt of trying to make an object disappear by means of one of its very own material characteristics. Paradoxically, as the form of the feet gets smaller, the total amount of replicas and the pile made up of negative plaster forms grows.